Chris Carpenter's Five Best On-Field Obscenities

#2: September 7, 2011 -- Brewers at Cardinals, Carp vs. Nyjer Morgan

The best part of this one? The fact that pretty much everyone remembers Nyjer Morgan as being the crazy dude in this situation.

Morgan screamed at Carpenter, threw tobacco at him, and referred to Albert Pujols as 'Alberta' in post-game comments, coming off looking certifiable in the process. Never mind that Carp went on his own profanity-laced tirade at Morgan earlier in the game and that the whole thing was really just a continuation of bad blood which had been brewing (get it?), between the two clubs -- and their most volatile members in particular -- for quite awhile. It also came at the height of the whole ridiculous Tony Plush nonsense, when Nyjer Morgan decided to invent himself an alter ego as if he were MF Doom or something.

This was Carpenter's Keyser Soze moment, when he went nuts on Tony Plush and then came out looking like the victim. Brilliant.

And finally: A possible explanation for Carpenter's expletives?

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