Chris Higgins, FOX 2 Meteorologist, Writes Letter To Haters Questioning His Weather Skills

It doesn't end there. He's not only displeased with folks who falsely claimed he said there'd be no snow at all, but he's also apparently mad at those who alleged he lied about the amount of snow. These guys have launched an an "assault" on his "character and integrity."

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via Facebook

And he's not just going to sit there and take it, he writes:

I pretty much nailed EVERYTHING about this storm EXCEPT the exact amounts. Again, I readily acknowledge that my numbers were low...because I'm man enough to admit where I was wrong. So to those who have called me a liar and worse -- please spare me the insults to my character and integrity. You can say I got the forecast wrong, but you cannot call me a liar.

Daily RFT sent Higgins an e-mail before publishing to see if he wanted to chat further about his haters. We'll update if we hear back. (Update: Check out our follow-up interview with Higgins).

In the meantime, make your way over to his Facebook status, which now has thousands of likes and comments.

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