Senator Claire McCaskill: "The Violence Against Women Act is Way More Popular Than I Am"

Daily RFT asked the senator, who was speaking at the Carnahan Courthouse in the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office on Friday, if she was surprised Blunt was in the small majority in the Senate that voted no.

She chose, again, to be diplomatic.

"He had voted no for it previously, but you would have to ask him," she responded. "I try to go out of my way not to comment on my colleague's votes."

Claire McCaskill, Jennifer Joyce.JPG
Sam Levin
Claire McCaskill and Jennifer Joyce

McCaskill, who won the Senate seat with the help of Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment, promoted VAWA alongside St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and advocates that work with domestic violence victims.

Of those criticizing specified protections for gay and lesbian people in the latest proposal, McCaskill said, "That's fundamentally wrong and I think most Missourians would agree that's fundamentally wrong. It shouldn't matter who purports to care about you and what their gender is. What matters is that you're in a domestic partnership that has turned violent and abusive and that ultimately risks lives."

She said that in addition to the opposition to LGBT protections, "There is a huge number in the Republican caucus in the House that want to dismantle all government programs that come from the federal government and I think VAWA is a casualty in that battle."

What are the chances that this will move forward?

"I hope they are good," she said. "There is broad support for this legislation."

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