Photos: Fired Columbia Officer Rob Sanders Gets His Dog Fano Back After Long Separation

An AP story, too, says this was the price of the sale.

rob and fano.jpg
Courtesy of Dale Roberts

But apparently that police department quickly realized Fano wasn't such a great fit.

So an Ashland police officer -- who knows Sanders -- bought Fano. Again, for one dollar.

And this week, he returned him to his original owner.

"Eighteen months and $18,000 dollars later, the dog is back where he belonged all along," says Roberts, arguing that the city wasted $8,000 on putting Fano in a kennel in addition to the $10,000 the department could have received in revenue if officials had just agreed to sell the dog to Sanders.

Meanwhile, Sanders' legal battle with the department is still pending. (We've given Sanders an opportunity to comment and will update if we hear back -- though it seems he has generally declined interviews due to his ongoing case).

"We have supported Officer Sanders all along," Roberts says. "We think he ought to have his fair hearing."

In the meantime, reuniting with Fano has been great, he adds.

"He jumped on his arms, licked his face all over," says Roberts. "He just went crazy to see him again."

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