Creve Coeur Park Treetop Adventure Course: Bird Lovers Upset, Say It Could Ruin Habitats

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Couch Pig
Couch Pig

Who cares about birds they shit on my car

James Madison
James Madison

150-200 bald eagles are wintering along the Missouri River near Creve Coeur Lake. the greatest danger to birds of prey are high wires - they break wings/bones. Bald eagles are protected by law, and the county is looking at one huge fine for the death of one bald eagle. Two or three more? The feds will close the ride down, and the county will have a huge money pit without any profits. Does the council even think before voting?

Nicholas Frisella
Nicholas Frisella

A tree top adventure course would certainly disrupt the birds' habitat. Imagine if your neighborhood had a series of inter connecting bridges between the houses. Then add people walking on your roof, yelling, and throwing trash in your yard. Would that affect your habitat? Would you want to move or would you stay in your house?

James Wright
James Wright

Lets address the issue of a public park up for sale. The habitat is an issue as well. This company has been chased out of one park already.

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