Demetrius Murphy, 15, Shot And Killed While Allegedly Trying To Burglarize St. Louis Home

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Demetrius Murphy, 15, and a 17-year-old were allegedly trying to break into a St. Louis home near Gravois Park last night when a man and a woman inside realized something was going on.

The 33-year-old male then got his gun and went outside to investigate the disturbance -- as Murphy reportedly started approaching him.

The man then shot Murphy dead, police say.

What happened to the second alleged burglar?

The 17-year-old, who police have not yet named, but are calling a burglary suspect, was eventually located and taken into custody.

The burglary-shooting happened at around 1:30 a.m. this morning at the 3700 block of Tennessee Avenue. Inside the home was the 33-year-old white male who eventually fired his gun and a 28-year-old white female.

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Block of the shooting.

Police say Murphy was a black male who lived on the 4600 block of Louisiana Avenue, south of where the shooting took place.

The Post-Dispatch notes that in Missouri, people who encounter intruders in their homes or cars or on their property can legally use deadly force. The paper also notes that the second teenager could be charged for felony murder since Murphy died during the burglary and he was an accomplice.

It was a bloody night in St. Louis; just one hour later on North Broadway, three males -- in baseball hats with shoulder length dreadlocks driving a Chevrolet Impala -- pulled up to another car stopped a red light and fired two shots at the vehicle, police say.

This car had a 22-year-old black male and 21-year-old black female inside. The woman was taken to a local hospital where she was in critical, but stable condition, after suffering a gunshot wound to the right arm and chest. The man was uninjured.

Here's the full blotter report from SLMPD regarding last night's violence.

Crime Summary, February 15

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Demetrius  was a"knockout king " player?   How's he like when somebody played back?


The knockout king game has two new players:  Smith & Wesson.  And I hope that more law-abiding St. Louisans put them into play.  As for the late Demetrius Murphy, good riddance to bad rubbish.


"Oh lawdy lawdy myz po grand child beez mentally disable, he aint dun nuttin to no one. Dat raciss white man hads no bizzness harmin my child. He watnt no threat toos himz in his yard. Oh lawdy lawdy", says the grand dad of the dead perp

Oh shut up. This punk was responsible for random assaults on innocent people and was trespassing with the obvious intent to break and enter and robbery. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Score one for the shooter! Score a big one for the taxpayer for not having to support Demetrius's punk thug ass in prison for god knows how long. And may the 17 yr. old become the bride of Butch McDick in prison.


Good for him...the homeowner that is.  Murphy's accomplice should be charged with murder.  These are precisely the stories anti-gun people don't want published and don't want to hear.  The don't want to hear about the tens of thousands of incidents of appropriate gun use that happen in this country every year.  Appropriate gun use that protects self, loved ones and property from people that have made bad decisions and deserve their fate.  MAKE NO MISTAKE, anti-gun/anti-2A people will not be satisfied until CCW legislation, stand your ground and other self-defense laws and all guns are confiscated and outlawed (including "hunting" to protect those animals ya know).  They favor a society where criminals like murphy are given the benefit of the doubt at the expense of YOUR safety and well-being.  They favor a society that looks like the UK where the bar for  self-defense of life and property is set so unreasonably high that it by default favors criminal behavior and encourages one of the highest rates of home invasion in the industrialized world.  Do not allow that to happen.  Fight for your rights to keep and bear arms.  Fight for your rights to defend yourself and your property in your home and in public.  They are doing everything they can to take your rights from you.


And heaven forbid you have a high capacity magazine when three or four of these fuckers kick your door down so they can duct tape you to a chair.


No kidding.  Because we all know that politicians should be the ones to decide what is sufficient ammunition capacity for defending me and my family.  They will use words like "reasonable", "proper", and "common sense" as they whittle away your rights and play games with your inherent human right to defend yourself with the best means available.

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