Domino's Robbery: Is There A Pizza Delivery Crime Epidemic In St. Louis?

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If you deliver pizza in St. Louis, be on the lookout -- there is an epidemic of crime against pizza employees in this town.

At least it sure seems that way with today's news of yet another alleged robbery at gunpoint in which a guy in a Domino's uniform was the victim.

The St. Louis County Police Department reports that last night, an armed robber confronted a deliveryman heading back to his car.

The suspect didn't get much -- but he did get away.

In November, we reported on a robbery at Domino's Pizza on South Grand Boulevard at Arsenal Street, where a man with a handgun approached a 37-year-old employee. That suspect demanded money and fled with the whopping total of $15. That robbery happened shortly after a suspect wearing a Spiderman mask robbed a deliveryman in St. Louis County in a completely separate incident.

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And in the most serious recent case, an Imo's Pizza deliveryman was shot and killed -- also in November.

What's going on here? Is this a trend?

Officers from the St. Louis North County Precinct were dispatched at around 10:30 p.m. last night to the Castlepoint area, responding to a robbery call, according to county police officials.

The victim, a Domnio's employee, said that after he delivered a pizza, he was returning to his car when a subject -- described as a black male, dark skinned and 6-6'2, 160-170 lbs -- approached him. He was allegedly wearing all black clothing, a skull cap, a sweatshirt and pants -- and had a handgun.

What did he get before he fled? A "small amount of cash and a cigarette."

The case is under investigation.

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Bill Taden
Bill Taden

And most pizza drivers are to busy to pay attention to their surroundings while working. They have also been desensitized to having fear of knocking on the door and stuff.

Mark Jones
Mark Jones

Fucking DUH. If you aren't strong-arming money, at the least you're getting free pizza and wings. It's win-win for these clowns


Why so many pizza delivery robberies?  The answer is because they are always unarmed and vulnerable. They put up no resistance. Alas, it's like taking candy from a baby. However, this robber obviously has not taste whatsoever. He robbed a guy whose company makes the very worst pizza in America. Next time go for an Imo/'s Delux!

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