Early Voting: Will Missouri Lawmakers Make It Easier For People To Cast Ballots?

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"We need to start moving forward. We have an antiquated [system]...that needs to be fixed," Walsh says, noting that in the past, the proposal has been lumped together with other bills that have forced unfair opposition and vetoes.

The bill was discussed this week and is still in committee -- but Walsh says she is hopeful it will move forward next week.

Some Republican opponents to early voting worry that this extended voting period opens the door to potential fraud -- but Walsh says there's no proof.

"Nobody can come up with an example of where it happens," she says. "They all want to claim that people are voting from the cemetery -- but nobody can prove it. It's a nice sound bite, but it's not true."

These are the same arguments that have come up in response to voter ID proposals, which critics say are harmful and unnecessary, given that there aren't real threats of fraud.

If legislators try to attach photo ID to her bill, she'll let it die, Walsh adds.

"Photo ID is more dangerous," she says. "That is a way to suppress the vote."

Here's the bill.

Senate Bill 145

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Matt Dresner
Matt Dresner

Yes. I would truly like to see an ATM like machine set up at City Hall, and you could vote there.


In the news: The Ohio poll worker is on record voting MULTIPLE TIMES....for OBAMA. Latest count: 6 votes. Her firends and counterparts did too, she says.

There are fraud stories all over Missouri, in registration AND voting. One was a DEMOCRAT primary here in KC where 50 Somalis were shipped in to vote ILLEGALLY (no IDs) and the guy they voted for won by a few votes. Google this - there are countless hits on fraud.

Sure - open up voting a day or two. This weeks or months crap has to stop though. But FIRST, fix the known problems, and there are many. Franken is a US Senator because a county had more votes cast than people registered. Check Grigoire in Washington. Check Chicago - you think dead voters have ID?

FIX the problems!

James Madison
James Madison

Absentee has been around for a long, long time. Voter fraud was committed in Ohio by absentee. A woman made news recently by voting for her family members, as well as voting twice as herself - once absentee then walked up on election day. We should as a nation spend one day to decide our future. Why allow leaks from how the voting is going corrupt the results? Single day of voting, except for those truly unable to be at their polling place on Election Day. And making sure the person is eligible to vote is critical to a fair election.

Christopher Harrison
Christopher Harrison

Yes, absolutely. Single day voting is no longer feasible given our population.

Sarah Wess Potter
Sarah Wess Potter

Yes! It was so nice living in IL to early vote with NO LINES! Now, in Missouri, you have to vote absentee or wait in long lines on Election Day.

Peggy Keller
Peggy Keller

Yes. It is almost impossible to commit voter fraud with early voting. You vote absentee and send in your ballot which is verified and checked against the registration and signatures and your name is crossed off all lists that go out as having already voted. The states that currently do this have a database that is accessible via computer that shows if someone has voted- anywhere in the state- via absentee balloting.


I came from St Louis, where I rarely voted thanks to having to work whenever there was a vote.  When I came to South Florida, it was shocking that I could vote a week or so before the actual date.  At first I was worried that maybe it was some sort of trick.  Having been immersed in early voting now for many years, I would never have it any other way.  It makes things so much easier, no longer must I worry that I cannot get back to work since I do not have to vote on my day off.  

In summation, I HIGHLY recommend this legislation pass.

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