Early Voting: Will Missouri Lawmakers Make It Easier For People To Cast Ballots?

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"We need to start moving forward. We have an antiquated [system]...that needs to be fixed," Walsh says, noting that in the past, the proposal has been lumped together with other bills that have forced unfair opposition and vetoes.

The bill was discussed this week and is still in committee -- but Walsh says she is hopeful it will move forward next week.

Some Republican opponents to early voting worry that this extended voting period opens the door to potential fraud -- but Walsh says there's no proof.

"Nobody can come up with an example of where it happens," she says. "They all want to claim that people are voting from the cemetery -- but nobody can prove it. It's a nice sound bite, but it's not true."

These are the same arguments that have come up in response to voter ID proposals, which critics say are harmful and unnecessary, given that there aren't real threats of fraud.

If legislators try to attach photo ID to her bill, she'll let it die, Walsh adds.

"Photo ID is more dangerous," she says. "That is a way to suppress the vote."

Here's the bill.

Senate Bill 145

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