Photos: Eight Worst St. Louis Crimes In January 2013

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It's been a bloody start to 2013 in St. Louis, with at least sixteen people falling victim to homicide -- and that's just within city boundaries. We also recently learned that Missouri has the highest rate of any state in the nation of black homicide victimization -- a title supported by ongoing gun violence in the city.

We've collected here the top worst crimes of the first month of the new year -- the most bizarre, unimaginable and tragic stories of January.

8. Child neglect for a drink: Fortunately for Denise Cooke, 29, her nine-year-old son is okay. Unfortunately for her, however, police did find him abandoned in a hotel room for many hours.

Denise Cooke mug shot large.jpg
Denise Cooke

Where was Cooke?

Getting a few drinks -- allegedly more than she had planned. The suspect, from Indianapolis, Indiana, told police that she didn't plan to leave him for so long. But once he was discovered without his mom, St. Louis County officials launched a "missing person search." The case, however, quickly turned into a "child endangerment" one.

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7. Food fight in East St. Louis: No one was badly injured in a brawl that broke out in East St. Louis last month -- but it was a noteworthy event, in part, because the fight was captured on a cell phone camera:

The raw footage gave some national negative attention to a city that struggles greatly with its reputation. And because the brawl was at a Department of Human Services food stamp line, the video got some extra attention from conservative media.

Continue for more of the top crimes in January 2013.

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Pratie Head
Pratie Head

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Bad enough crime committed 5 years ago is still in the news.

Michael Allen
Michael Allen

What's the point of stories like these? The city gets a bad enough rap as it is.

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