Photos: Eight Worst St. Louis Crimes In January 2013

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6. Attacking the good samaritan: Joshua Frillman, 25, taught Erv Yoder, who was raised in an Amish community in Pennsylvania, that no good deed goes unpunished. In this case, he taught that lesson right in the middle of the good deed.

Joshua Frillman mug shot.jpg
Joshua Frillman

Frillman, who is homeless, makes our January list, not because the crime was so violent or awful, but because his victim had done a lot of good things for him prior to the attack. He took him to a hospital, got him a bite to eat and agreed to drive him to a friend's house. That's when Frillman pulled a knife on Yoder and demanded his money.

5. Cell phone assault: Teresa M. Moss, an 18 year-old from Maplewood, and Arvell Pruitt, a 19-year-old from Hillsdale, wanted some free cell phones last month. So naturally, they brought a hammer to a Maplewood store and allegedly beat a merchant in the face to get them.

Mugs cell phone theft.jpg
Arvell Pruitt, 19, and Teresa Moss, 18.

They bashed his face so badly that his eyes swelled shut -- and they kicked him, too. The incident earned them assault and robbery charges.

Continue for more of the top crimes in January 2013.

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Pratie Head
Pratie Head

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Bad enough crime committed 5 years ago is still in the news.

Michael Allen
Michael Allen

What's the point of stories like these? The city gets a bad enough rap as it is.

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