Photos: Eight Worst St. Louis Crimes In January 2013

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4. Missouri's school shooting: Sean Johnson, 34, entered the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts in St. Louis, armed -- reportedly with the intent to cause harm to Greg Elsenrath, the director of financial aid.

SIBA shooting image.jpeg
Photo by Josh Rowan

Sean Johnson mug shot image.jpg
Sean Johnson

Siba Shooting 2, rowan.jpeg
Photo by Josh Rowan

While it was a very different situation than the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school massacre a month prior in Connecticut, as soon as news broke that there was a shooter inside a school in Missouri, people across the country tuned in. Elsenrath is expected to fully recover. It was also notable that the shooting happened during the new St. Louis Police Chief's first month on the job.

Continue for more of the top crimes in January 2013.

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Pratie Head
Pratie Head

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Bad enough crime committed 5 years ago is still in the news.

Michael Allen
Michael Allen

What's the point of stories like these? The city gets a bad enough rap as it is.

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