FOX 2 Weatherman Chris Higgins Argues with Post-Dispatch Weather Grouch, Joe Strauss

There seems to have been a bit of back and forth between Higgins and columnist Joe Strauss:

Higgins says that his higher-ups approved of his response. "They said, 'We respect your concerns.... We respect your passion for your job.... Be careful...and say what you need to say.' I really respect that and I'm very grateful."

He says he is now trying to move on. "I'm completely shocked at the traction it got.... Sadly enough, you kind of get sucked into it. It becomes a melodrama."

He says, "If I offended anybody by my choice of words, I apologize," adding, "I hope that our viewers, most of them understand that everybody deserves a little respect, even if they've missed the mark a little bit."

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