Francis Slay: Hitler Video Meme (That Implies Mayor is Gay) Promoted By Lewis Reed Backers

"I'm not gonna say that on my show," Brown says of the mention of "impure" thoughts. "I don't like it... I find it a little creepy and I don't think it's funny.... I think it's kinda mean."

The first part of the film, however, is funny and does touch upon some of her concerns with the mayor, says Brown, who has been active in support of Reed and who posted the video on her Facebook page yesterday.

"It speaks to something that's kind of largely the Slay administration runs city government with a 'my way or the highway' [approach]," she says. "So it's amusing to see it in that framework."

And she likes that it introduces all the key players, without directly naming them.

"The fact they didn't say his gives us room to laugh," she says.

Richard Callow, Slay's campaign manger, writes to Daily RFT in a statement: "If playing the race card doesn't work, go straight to Hitler." (The Slay campaign earlier this month slammed a Reed supporter for passing around a flyer that depicted the mayor as a slaveowner and his black backers as his slaves).

And Glenn Burleigh, campaign manager for Reed, points out that it doesn't come from them.

"It is in no way produced by the campaign," he says, but adds, "The angry Hitler meme has been going around the internet for well over around a year at this point.... It's not made by our campaign. I guess a supporter made it and spread it around Facebook."

But, he adds, "Satire is a very important part of politics...whether it be through cartoons or other forms.... It's a goofy, funny way...that is popular now, but they are talking about real issues."

The video was mentioned on a Ladies for Lewis (Reed for Mayor) Facebook page, but it appears to have since been deleted. Here's a screengrab:

Ladies for Reed screenshot.jpg

That page is run by volunteers, Burleigh notes.

"I don't know who made it," he adds of the video, saying that several people have sent it his way.

Below are some more screengrabs from the footage:

Hitler Slay video 1.jpg
All images via YouTube

Hitler Slay video 4.jpg

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