Francis Slay v. Lewis Reed: Slavery Image on "Bootlicker" Film Flyer Sparks Controversy

Slay's three terms in office -- and the support he has gotten from black officials -- amount to a kind of slavery, Artis says.

"It actually is slavery once removed," he says. "I don't want anybody to diminish that this was a modern version of slavery. If they find that offensive, then I find that incredible.... I find it odd they would find that offensive."

He says of the flyer, "It's the idea of Slay utilizing blacks.... There's a black [man]...on his knees kissing the hand of Slay."

In the race for mayor, Slay has gotten support from some black leaders in the city -- and Artis says his film is targeting them and their backing of Slay.

These "so-called black leaders," he says, are "slayves," adding, "St. Louis is one big plantation. It is the Slay plantation."

Here's a trailer Artis sent us:

As is seen on the RiverCity website, his organization has formally endorsed Reed -- the first candidate they've ever endorsed, he says.

Reed endorsement river city.jpg

"My paper never endorses candidates," Artis says. "But he is the only likely candidate who can take us out of this racial division, because of a number of reasons. Lewis helped black and white firefighters come together. He seems really aimed at facing racial division head on."

Continue for comments from the Slay and Reed campaigns.

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