Photos: Ingram Towing Has No License, Allegedly Stealing Cars Throughout St. Louis

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Its good to see that the police are working hard to rid us of criminals pretending to be towing companies. makes you think twice before calling any towing company. I think it would be good to list all the towing companies that are a sham on the web so that one can always check out before calling in case you need trailer towing services. I wonder whether the towing truck was also stolen!


It is so good to see that some things never change.  Members of the Ingram family committing crimes has become a St. Louis Institution, much like Ted Drewes or the Arch.

In the 1970s I was a police detective in Rock Hill.  The Ingram family lived in the 300 block of Lithia Avenue. We arrested Leonard T. Ingram and his older brother Gary B. Ingram so often that the Ingrams and the cops were on a first name basis. Leonard liked large  GM products back then. They were usually unregistered and uninsured with the license plates belonging to someone else.     

When Leonard needed gas money he would often snitch out someone who had committed a recent minor crime for a tankful of gasoline. 

It was not unusual to met a St. Louis Police detective at the Amoco station at Skinker and Clayton and hand over some recent mugshots of the Ingrams. 

Leonard's rap sheet must be impressive going back to 1972.  I'm sure it is much longer than Gary's arrest record, because Gary was  a guest of the Department of Corrections for the last 25 years.  

Gary recently completed a 25-year sentence for the death of a man in an arson fire.


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