50 Photos from January 2013: Seized Cash, Sexy Plumbers, Craft Beer and More

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At 5:30 a.m. West coast time, the 2013 Academy Award nominees were announced, including Argo (pictured). Here are the 2013 Best Picture Oscar Nominees.

The Holy Ship!! EDM cruise to the Bahamas proved a worthy escape from depressing January weather. See photos: Holy Ship!! Life Aboard the EDM Party Boat. Photo by Katie Bain.

RFT food critic Ian Froeb says new Delmar Loop area Thai restaurant Fork & Stix "isn't merely new. It's unique. And it's terrific." Pictured: From the appetizer menu, Hoy Jaw. Deep-fried dumplings with crab and shrimp mixed with minced pork, wrapped in tofu skin, and served with a Thai sweet chili sauce. See more photos from Fork & Stix Photo by Jennifer Silverberg.

The second-annual Holy Ship!! cruise put a 3,000 EDM fans on a boat with some of the world's top dance music DJ's for a three-day trip that began in Ft. Lauderdale, continued to Nassau, the Bahamas, a private island and then back to Florida. Sounds like a good reason to escape the St. Louis winter to us. Best of the Holy Ship!! EDM Cruise. Photo by Ian Witlen.

Method Man returned to St. Louis on January 5, 2012 for a show at The Coliseum Music Lounge (2619 Washington Ave.) See more Method Man photos. Photo by Kristan Lieb.

Ringing in the new year at Novak's in the Grove neighborhood -- with body paint, of course. See more photos from New Year's Eve in the Grove. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Perennial Artisan Ales opened in Carondelet. Here is our first look. Pictured: Phil Wymore, who founded Perennial Artisan Ales with his wife, Emily. Photo by Sarah Baraba. Also be sure to read: "Beer Geeks Brave Long, Cold Wait for Perennial Artisan Ales's Barrel-Aged Abraxas."

The third-annual No Pants MetroLink ride went down January 16. Afterwards, pantsless patrons met up at Pi (610 Washington Ave) in downtown St. Louis for a post-ride celebration. See more No Pants MetroLink ride photos. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

The St. Louis Auto Show again filled out the Edward Jones Dome (sort of) from January 24-27. See more St. Louis Auto Show photos. Photo by Jason Stoff.

So Many Dynamos celebrated its tenth anniversary in January. The band has been covered for most of that decade in the pages of the RFT music section. Read more: Here's a Look at So Many Dynamos in the RFT Over the Years." Photo by Whitney Barclay.

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