SLU President Lawrence Biondi: "To Those Of You Who Have Been Critical...I Have Listened"

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Liz Ramsey
Ramsey says she saw the letter in class this morning and at first thought it could be the news she and other critics have pushed for.

"I started reading it and I thought he was resigning," she says. "He obviously realizes something has to change -- but he still thinks he can be involved. What he doesn't seem to understand is that the trust has just been so broken with him. He's not the person to do it...and it's very selfish of him to think he is."

It is also off-putting for him to say that criticism against him is bad for the institution, she says. "What he's really saying is we are hurting the university. It's completely inaccurate.... The people working to change the leadership and direction are the people who really love SLU."

She adds, "If he loved SLU so much...the smart thing to do is just step aside."

Here's the full letter, posted on the No Confidence Facebook page today.

President's February 2013 Message

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