Lewis Reed: Police Called to Fundraising Event After Dispute Escalates [UPDATE]

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Reed and Slay supporters butted heads at a fundraiser.
Update: A copy of the Ellisville police department's incident report is now available.

An argument outside of a fundraising event for Aldermanic President Lewis Reed, candidate for mayor, is getting several retellings, some of them more dramatic than others.

Zudhi Masri, owner of Yeatman Market, says he attended the fundraiser on Sunday night at the invitation of the event's host and as a board member for the Dar-Aljalal Mosque. But he says that when he tried to enter the fundraiser in Ellisville, Abdul-Rahiim Ali -- a St. Louis Teachers Union representative in attendance -- shoved him backward.

"He was a very violent person, and he said a lot of bad things about me and my group," says Masri. "I was threatened."

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Daily RFT first heard about the incident through a series of pretty dramatic tweets sent in the wee morning hours of Monday by State Senator Jamilah Nasheed:

Jamilah Nasheed tweets.jpg

Masri turned out to be the community leader in question and says that he was invited to the event by the homeowner. He surmises that the trouble that ensued was because he supports Mayor Francis Slay's re-election (as does Nasheed). Masri is part of a group of Muslim business leaders who arranged a fundraiser for the mayor, and he hangs a Slay sign in the window of his shop. Masri says he wanted to attend the Reed event as a representative of his mosque and its constituents, not just as a an individual voter. According to Reed, the event was a private fundraiser made up mostly of physicians and other medical professionals from the Muslim community.

Not surprisingly, accounts of what happened -- from the moment Masri approached the door to the point when police arrived -- differ substantially.

Continue for response from Abdul-Rahiim Ali and Lewis Reed.

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It's a shame that Mr Lewis Reed pickes a thug from the Teaches Union to have a fundrasing for him in Ellisvile & not in the city and that is rediculous by itself.

i have been Knowing Mr Zudi since childhood,  he helped my family and many others for so many years, he even hired many in his construction projects, he is a great man to be  proud of.

Attacking and insulting him was a severe mistake to be added to history of Mr Reed.

Political bullying was practiced well.

I bet the thugs threatened the owner not to tell this news outlet the truth.



what about Zudhi selling alcohol within 25 feet of a middle school?  Slay helped him keep his license although it is against city zoning laws


That’s foul this was a staged attack, Zudhi how low can you go, first you’re not a city voter, second you support Slay why would you even go to this function other than to stage an distraction as you did God will punish you for that, I thought you were a better man that that

Zudhi did the Senator put you up to this are was it Slay?


Thats foul this was a staged attack, Zudhi how low can you go, first your not a city voter, second you support Slay why would you even go to this funtion other than to stage an distraction as you did God will punish you for that, I thought you were a better man that that.


The gangsta tactics of the Reed campaign are finally beginning to surface. A thug union member stirring up shit and threatening someone. Reed is desparate. He can't win. The Democratic establishment - Gov Nixon and Congressman Clay -  are supporting Slay. All Reed can do is stir up shit and stoop to new lows. Anything to get elected. He's lost all respect. Fuck him!


Typical over the top campaign tactic from Slay camp. Send your guy to a private event and then when he's asked to leave you blow it up to be a big deal. My lord, police say event was "quiet" and Nasheed is running around saying a guy was beat up and gun was drawn! Outlandish.


@rcumm. This is flat out lie,  Store been there way before even reed & slay been in Politics,
Before school was built also, so cut the BS , also store owner is a well know & respected in the community. and by the way , school is 175 feet away from store & store does not sell Liquor.


@prince.carter63 , unfortunately, you are attacking a man of integrity & a man who has helped black families more than you & many other black politicians, i have faith in zudi more than anybody around here, get the facts straight . Mr zudi will not allow anybody to play him like that, fact is that Lewis Reed picked some thugs to do his fundraising in Ellisvile, why didn't he have here in the city?

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