Lewis Reed V. Francis Slay: AFL-CIO Defends Mayor, But Says He Did Upset Some Employees

While Slay's team is presenting the redrafting of language as a good faith move to address concerns, Reed's campaign manager Glenn Burleigh says it's obvious that they are backpedaling and changing policy in response to pressure.

"They're pulling it," Burleigh says. "The mayor would not have announced...[that he was] reworking it, if it had not been something bad. Their own act should show that."

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Sam Levin
Lewis Reed listens to Francis Slay speak at a recent debate.

But Soutier says, "I'm satisfied with the communication that we've had now."

He says that about twenty new hires have signed this form -- and will likely have it rescinded so they can sign the final draft his union and the mayor's staff agree on.

Does Soutier think this move will satisfy Slay's opponents?

"I doubt they are happy," he says. "They seemed to be somewhat militant about it and that's fine. They have every right to be. It certainly got everyone's attention."

Here's the document.

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