Lewis Reed V. Francis Slay: Attacks In Mayor's Race Reach New Level With Lying Charges

Burleigh focused in on the email, on view below, and argued that there are no circumstances in which it is legal for a fundraising e-mail to go through a government e-mail system sent from an employee.

"The Mayor's chief of staff went on camera and lied to the St. Louis press core, and, therefore, the entire city of St. Louis," Burleigh tells Daily RFT in a follow-up note.

Lewis Reed, reporters.jpeg
Sam Levin
Lewis Reed after a recent debate.

This kind of back-and-forth has become the norm in the race, which has more frequently focused on these sorts of accusations against the opponent instead of campaign platforms or debates on issues. The Reed campaign has another press conference this morning about a new accusation against the Slay administration regarding a labor document.

Asked about the latest allegations from Reed -- that the mayor's senior staff lied to the press in response in their pay-to-play response -- Roth, the director of operations for Slay, tells Daily RFT that Bradley should not have used his city account for the campaign e-mail, but says that Reed's staff is misstating the facts here.

"The quote attributed to Jeff Rainford in what you heard from the Reed campaign is not something that Jeff said to the press yesterday. Use of city email is not permitted and...[its] use by Mr. Bradley was a mistake. There never has been a dispute about this," Roth says in an e-mail to Daily RFT on Friday. "That was made clear yesterday."

But the Reed camp was mistaken in regards to Bradley's status as an "expected employee," -- which means he is not subject to broad restrictions in political activity, says Roth, who passes along a Circuit Court decision from last year that states such.

Roth continues, "That does not mean Mr. Bradley's mistaken use of city email was ok. [It] was not ok. It shows that, unlike civil service employees, he is not generally restricted from engaging in political activities."

Who's telling the truth? We've collected the relevant documents below.

Continue for the full press release and other documents related to this dispute.

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Really...is that all the Reed Campaign can come up with?  How many of us with multiple email addresses can say we have never used one account when we intended to use another?  The idea that Mr. Bradley did this once is somehow indicative of corruption in the Mayor's office is ABSURD!  Bradley made a minor mistake which was poor form but not illegal.  Reed is in a glass house in this respect and should stop throwing stones How to Campaign for Mayor Under the Radar - St. Louis - News ... 

Darrell Ford
Darrell Ford

Reed seems like a real nut job and I really, REALLY hope he doesn't get elected.

Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon

Good to see the typical political maneuverings. Attack your opponent rather than give any decent info about yourself. *rolls eyes*

Rick Kohn
Rick Kohn

Does it matter? The city leadership will stay democratic and continue to follow Chicago's lead in violence.

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