Lewis Reed V. Francis Slay: Attacks In Mayor's Race Reach New Level With Lying Charges

Here's the full Friday morning release from Burleigh.

Mayor's Senior Staffers Lie to the Public in Attempt to Cover Up Scandal

After yesterday's press conference, where Pres. Reed presented the case that the Mayor's office has been using his appointees' no-bid contracting abilities to leverage campaign contributions, the Mayor's senior staff lied to the public. Jeff Rainford and Eddie Roth, while obviously struggling to come up with explanations made comments that range from outright lies to craven obfuscation.

"They made the claim that a Slay appointee using the city email system(and on city time) was not illegal, simply frowned upon. This is outright untrue. Being an appointee does not allow city employees to participate in partisan electoral activities on city time, with city equipment, or using city accounts" said President Reed.

Per the civil service rule attached, people in competitive positions and excepted positions (appointees) cannot use their official title, office, official time or city facilities in a partisan campaign effort.

"Eddie Roth then went on to claim that the corruption allegations are far-fetched, because these contracts have to be approved by the Board of Public Service, which he attempted to characterize as an independent board. The truth is that all of the members of this board are Slay appointees, and they all answer directly to Jeff Rainford," said President Reed.

Per the sections of the City Charter attached, the members of the Board of Public Service are appointees of the Mayor and they answer to him and Jeff Rainford. It would take no great effort for someone to keep his employees quiet about something, especially when their job depended on it.

"Slay's appointee also violated state law, by using government facilities for fundraising and political purposes. But we all know that he is not deciding to do this stuff on his own. Someone is directing him," said Campaign Manager Glenn Burleigh.

"As the old saying goes, "it's not the crime, it's the coverup," and this is one of the most craven attempts I have ever witnessed. The taxpayers of our city deserve better than an administration whose two highest ranking employees are willing to lie to the public. When I am elected mayor, we will have the most transparent government in the history of St. Louis. We can do better, and, under my administration, we will," said President Reed.

"In the middle of his unhinged press conference, Jeff Rainford blamed the Slay administration's utter disregard for ethics on our "faltering campaign." Nothing could be further from the truth. We're picking up Northside, Central Corridor, and Southside ward endorsements, major labor endorsements, and are charging towards the finish line. On the other hand, Mayor Slay can't seem to outrun the scandals, and Jeff Rainford held a press conference where he couldn't even look the reporters in the eyes. I think Mr. Rainford has obvious issues with projection," said Burleigh.

Here's the email in question.

Richard Bradley Email

Here's the civil service rule that the Reed campaign says was clearly violated.

Civil Service Rule

Here's the court decision that Slay's team says clarifies what restrictions Bradley faces.

Wilson v. City of St. Louis

And an outline of the original accusations from the Reed camp.

Press Conference Briefing

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