Lewis Reed V. Francis Slay: Board of Alderman President Nabs South Ward Endorsement

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Sam Levin
Mayor Francis Slay watches Lewis Reed at a recent debate.
The tides are changing in the race for Mayor of the City of St. Louis.

So says the campaign manager for Lewis Reed, the Board of Alderman president hoping to replace Mayor Francis Slay, who is running for an unprecedented fourth term. What's the Reed Campaign's proof? The challenger last night snagged an endorsement from the 15th Ward Democrats, which covers Tower Grove South.

But how are the ward endorsements playing out across the city?

"That ward endorsement has always been a bellwether for where the progressive community is going," Reed Campaign Manager Glenn Burleigh tells Daily RFT. "It is a stronghold of white progressives and it shows which way that community is moving."

The Slay campaign points out that the mayor has gotten a lot of endorsements from some of the 28 wards across the city -- though also notes that the wards decide their endorsements in all different ways so the value isn't always the same.

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Slay Campaign Manager Richard Callow's latest count shows at least twelve ward endorsements for the incumbent.

He also points out that Slay has the support of Jennifer Florida, the 15th Ward's Alderwoman -- who did get the support of the 15th Ward Dems. (Daily RFT left messages for both the committeeman and committeewoman of the 15th Ward Dems).

Lewis Reed and reporters.jpeg
Sam Levin
Lewis Reed talking to reporters this week.

But Burleigh says that while Reed has gotten endorsements in the north, it's significant that he has the support from this region.

"It's a big indicator," he says.

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I too will be voting for Mr. Lewis Reed. St. Louis is in desperate need for some new blood in the Mayors office. This city needs a leader that can break the stereotypes that keep us from engaging with each other. We are a city full of diversity but the political divides keep us from seeing it and enjoying it... with each other. And like jjustinmeehan, I live and intend to remain living in the city and would love nothing more than to have the best for my family and neighbors, not just to the left and right of me but the entire community that I reside in. We need more education and programs that instill a sense of pride, ownership and respect for self and others as a whole and we will see a St. Louis we never thought we'd see. I feel Lewis Reed can open some eyes and lead us there. 


I'm not against Slay (except for what he did to Fire Chief) and believe him to be a good man, but know Lewis and beleve he is the best man to unify North and South St. Louis and advance common purpose and mutual interests (safety, opportunity and diverstity). Reed has prooven to be and is a good man and close to our "StL Obama".  Time to erase past lines and unite communities. Time for new inclusive coaltions and end of old school divisions  .  I live and intend to remain living in the City and want the best for my family and neighbors. Reed as proven his inclusive agenda, He's who I'm going to vote for J. Justin Meehan, Attorney at Law.

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