Maria Chappelle-Nadal Says Gun Control Critics "Don't Care About Black Lives Being Taken"

In recent weeks, the state senator has done several ride-alongs with local law enforcement agencies that work on gang violence. She says she is learning about the different so-called "sets," the very localized groups that go up against each other and embrace gun violence. She says that in some cases, there are gangs that remain loyal to each other on a block-by-block level and will fight inside schools.

gang grafitti.JPG
Gang-related graffiti she observed on a recent ride-along with police.

"There's a lot of...illegal activity that allows these young people to have guns," she says.

These youth are getting guns through robberies and drug sales and that's why parents need to be held accountable and help stop this epidemic, she adds.

In gangs, they have to "put in their time" to establish credibility, she says.

That means, "You've already raped someobdy. You've already killed someone. You've already committed several different robberies," she says. "The pathetic that many of their parents know that their kids are involved with this."

And there are "community guns" that gang members pass around, she adds.

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Sam Levin

She was inspired to propose this bill because the debate prompted by the Connecticut elementary school shooting did not focus on urban violence.

"The national conversation after Sandy Hook was all about high-capacity magazines...AK-47s," she says. "It was not focused on the inner city and the violence in the inner city, which is so real."

Here's her draft bill.

Senate Bill 124

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