Cops: Missouri Man Steals Sex Toys, Panties, Used Feminine Hygiene Products From Houses

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Michael Stout
A 16-year-old Warren County, Missouri girl came home early from school on Wednesday because she was sick -- only to discover that there was a stranger in her bathroom. Police say the intruder was Michael Stout, 19, a neighbor who had broken into the home and then quickly fled once the teenage girl came home.

He ran through the woods, but police tracked him down, took him into custody, and after further investigation, discovered that he had been "watching female residents in his neighborhood."

And, allegedly, doing much worse things, including repeatedly breaking into people's homes, stealing women's underwear, sex toys, photographs -- and more.

The Warren County Sheriff's Department announced yesterday that officials had arrested Stout on charges of burglary, stealing and property damage resulting from a home invasion.

At about 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, deputies were dispatched to the 11000 block of Cedar Tree Lane outside Wright City in reference to a "home invasion in progress."

By the time deputies and detectives had arrived, Stout had already fled, but was located about an hour later at his residence down the street, police say

What they uncovered next was very bizarre:

Further investigation revealed the suspect had been watching the female residents in his neighborhood. Over the past month he broke into four homes while the residents were away and stole items such as women's underwear, clothing, sex toys, food items, an iPod, laptop computer, and photographs.

It gets worse.

In his bedroom, investigators located and seized 59 pairs of women's panties, two sex toys, photographs, assorted items of female clothing -- and a Wal-Mart plastic bag containing "dozens of used feminine hygiene products."

Here's the press release sent out yesterday.

Michael P. Stout charges

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Tim Howard
Tim Howard

Its the best that bring it out in me:)

Tim Howard
Tim Howard

I'd like a pie, large fri, large coffee...

Tim Howard
Tim Howard

This dude just needs to find a kinky chick!!

Donnie Inman
Donnie Inman

Damn, just wanted the pic, not the whole link. Sorry.

Tim Howard
Tim Howard

Its only stalking if you dont want him!!


This guy is one fucked up sicko. Many stories over the years of men stealing and sniffing women's panties, but to steal and snifff used tampons is about  the most disgusting fetish imaginable. But why did the women leave their old bloody tampons laying around to be stolen in the first place? That's a story in and of itself. Go figure.

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