Michelle Obama: First Lady Headed to Springfield Walmart For Anti-Obesity Campaign

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First Lady Michelle Obama has chosen a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri to promote her "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign.

To what do we owe this honor?

It may not hurt that Missouri is on track to have incredibly high rates of obesity in the coming years, at least according to some studies. And the state's overweight-obesity level has increased nearly thirteen percent over the past fifteen years.

But why Walmart?

Because the company is committed to healthy food! At least that's according to a handful of corporate press releases sent our way.

In its recent announcement, the White House says that the First Lady is visiting Springfield to see the changes Walmart has made to reduce sodium and added sugars from packaged food items -- "to make healthier food more affordable, and to include a simple front-of-package seal for identifying healthier food choices."

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The store she is visiting on Thursday was apparently opened as part of the company's "Let's Move" commitment to open or expand up to 300 stores in communities that have limited access to healthy and affordable food.

Springfield is the third stop on a two-day national tour that begins in Clinton, Mississippi and then moves to Chicago before coming to Missouri.

The First Lady will tour the Springfield store in the afternoon and then deliver remarks "about how supporting the health of American families is also good for business, and remind consumers that it's up to them to continue demanding healthier options," the White House says.

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In 2011, Walmart promoted its Healthier Food initiative alongside the First Lady. Now, they have five corporate commitments to healthy food.

The question on everyone's mind: Will the First Lady dance? One can only hope.

Continue for Michelle Obama's latest video and for the full press announcement.

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Lu-c Love
Lu-c Love

That's just gross. At a Walmart,really!

Peggy Keller
Peggy Keller

Wait, all the right leaning blogs said last month that Michelle had "abandoned" the Let's Move" program- oh and as far as cost goes-Walmart is the sponsor- but yeah, much better to waste $147 billion per year that we spend on Obesity related diseases rather than try to make people healthier via the Free market system.

Valerie Perrotta Klipfel
Valerie Perrotta Klipfel

Looking at those Missouri People of Wal Mart pictures, she'll have her work cut out for her!


I am all for our first lady and everything, but why the hell is she going to Walmart? That company is one of the biggest things wrong within our country. They stripped Main St. USA  and forced  Mom & Pop into slave labor while pocketing billions. They are the worst company to work for and horrible on our economy. They won't offer a decent job to anyone, forcing their workers onto foodstamps and medicaid, while still pocketing BILLIONS. Capitalism needs to be capped.


Walmart SUCKS would be better if she visited a farmers market, promoted small businesses, inspire people to grow their own garden in their neighborhood. Stop making the ungrateful Walton's rich. Make America better, get rid of Walmart

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