Missouri Tax Map: Americans For Prosperity Group Highlights 229 Proposed Increases

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Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Prosperity -- a conservative, small-government advocacy group that was active in the presidential election -- is in full swing in Missouri, with a new project that the state chapter says is a first of its kind.

Head to nomospending.com -- get it? -- to check out the organization's newly launched state map that shows every expected tax hike on the local ballots for April 2nd, part of a project AFP is unveiling at a Capitol press conference this morning.

"We were very surprised," Patrick Werner, state director of AFP Missouri, says.

What was so shocking?

Here's the map, which shows that there are a total of 229 tax increase proposals across the state.

Tax map, AFP.jpeg

"I don't think anybody's ever done this before," Werner tells Daily RFT, explaining that he's never seen a comprehensive tax ballot map in Missouri and hasn't heard of any other AFP state chapter taking on a project like this. "What we really want to do is just draw attention to this fact."

Werner says it was a fairly arduous process collecting all this information, since the group quickly discovered that most counties don't have this information readily available (and there are ten counties for which they still don't have details -- which means the 229 number could likely grow).

"The objective is...to take a comprehensive look at just how many [tax hikes] there are...when we are discussing proposals at the state level," says Werner, noting that he expected far fewer than he found.

The group, he says, is not debating the merits of individual tax hike proposals, but is interested in highlighting the big picture fiscal problem.

"We hope that local taxing entities...don't look to the taxpayer first," he says. "Have we trimmed as much as possible? Is this the only solution we have to generate more funds?"

Continue for more of our interview with Patrick Werner and for a full list of proposals from AFP.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

Pet projects have to be ended. Too many little things are on the budgets and get passed, that hte politicians do not want to spend the time to actually look at the overall merits to a hundred little projects to fund one essential project. Easier to steal more money from the taxpayer than it is to do the work they were elected to do. first of all, cut the number of government workers with pensions. That is not something the government should be doing. Make working for the government a civic duty done for a limited time, then return to the the productive work force. Experience, some will cry? Look at the pathetic shape that experience has gotten our governments. People who only want to to work on essential work projects will get in, do the job, and leave. Very, very few need to be lifetime government employees. We made a system that is broken.

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