Missouri Tax Map: Americans For Prosperity Group Highlights 229 Proposed Increases

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Going forward, AFP in Missouri could potentially help individuals or local groups organize against tax hikes, Werner adds. "If you don't like it, this is what you do and this is how you would oppose it and fight it."

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AFP nationally organized campaigns against Obama across the country last year -- focusing on his spending and the national debt, among other issues.

As the Beacon points out today, one of the notable measures highlighted on this map is the Arch/parks sales tax proposal in the city and county of St. Louis (in addition to fifteen proposed tax hikes, fee increases or bond issues in the county).

While it can be tough to take initiative against federal hikes, Werner says people can speak out locally and make a difference.

"That's the beauty of smaller government local taxing entities," he says. "You are gonna run into them at the grocery store and at church...and you can say, 'I'm not really particularly a fan of this measure.'"

Here's a report from AFP outlining the April ballot measures.

AFP-MO Municipality Project

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JamesMadison topcommenter

Pet projects have to be ended. Too many little things are on the budgets and get passed, that hte politicians do not want to spend the time to actually look at the overall merits to a hundred little projects to fund one essential project. Easier to steal more money from the taxpayer than it is to do the work they were elected to do. first of all, cut the number of government workers with pensions. That is not something the government should be doing. Make working for the government a civic duty done for a limited time, then return to the the productive work force. Experience, some will cry? Look at the pathetic shape that experience has gotten our governments. People who only want to to work on essential work projects will get in, do the job, and leave. Very, very few need to be lifetime government employees. We made a system that is broken.

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