The Missouri People of Walmart (PHOTOS)

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people of walmart 250.jpg
People of Walmart
The wonderful People of Walmart website collects photos of the wackiest customers across the country -- and Missouri appears to be a goldmine.

In honor of Michelle Obama's visit to Springfield's Walmart tomorrow, we thought we'd collect the best and worst from the People of Walmart -- a sneak peek of some of the characters the First Lady could perhaps encounter on her Missouri trip.

For your viewing pleasure/horror -- the top sixteen standout Missourians of Walmart below.

16. Baby Bumps

People of Walmart 16.jpeg
People of Walmart
Gives new meaning to the Show-Me State.

15. A Different Kind of Baby Display

People of Walmart 15.jpeg
People of Walmart
Forget the baby bump, just bring an actual baby! Or if you don't have that, a baby doll will do just fine.

14. It's Getting Hot In Here...

People of Walmart 14.jpeg
People of Walmart
So take off your shirt. We won't judge.

Continue for more of our Missouri People of Walmart countdown.

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