Missouri State University Misspells Own Name On Book Bags

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Missouri State University Bookstore Facebook page
No spellcheck for screenprints.
An embarrassing mistake by the Missouri State University Bookstore is going viral this afternoon, after the Springfield News-Leader noticed an interesting typo on a bag being distributed on campus.

It appears the bags came free with the bookstore's "textbook reservation" service, which conveniently packages pre-ordered textbooks in the attractive and inaccurate maroon tote.

Now that the mistake has been noticed, they're sure to become a collector's item. Yay, learnding!

Here it is. Welcome to Missouri State Univeristy:

Missouri State Univeristy.jpg
Missouri State University Bookstore Facebook page

The News-Leader reports that MSU paid $70,844 for 17,800 bags, and at least 6,000 were handed out before someone thought, hey, like, maybe stop. Earle Doman, MSU vice president of student affairs, told the paper that bags with the correct spelling will be given out in August, then gave this quote:

"It will be correct in how we spell the place where we work."


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