National Science Ed Center on Anti-Evolution Bill: "Last Thing Missouri Teachers Need"

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Further, the imposition of intelligent design on all schools -- and materials used in the classroom -- is just not practical.

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How Mother Jones presented Brattin's bill.

"There's plenty of information on evolution," she says. "The trouble is intelligent design has shown no ability whatsoever to explain nature. So there's really nothing to present for the intelligent design position as science.... And a careful reading of the intelligent design position would quickly reveal that the message is...evolution doesn't work."

And on top of all these concerns, it also makes little sense to have lawmakers dictate so closely the content of a subject in the classroom. "It goes to such extraordinary detail about all of these specifics that teachers ought to be teaching."

If passed, it would be impossible to implement and would result in evolution likely being removed from classrooms entirely, she says.

In our interview last week, Brattin defended against these kinds of arguments arguing that his bill has nothing to do with religion and that current practice is unfair to educators and others who want to see different theories in the classroom.

Here's the bill.

House Bill 291

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