Pevely Dairy Site: After Long Fight, Why Doesn't Saint Louis University Have a Plan? (PHOTOS)

With the opportunity to demolish the site nearly gone for SLU, it's unclear what kind of action might be taken in the near future.

Some preservationists like Allen say that, while the lack of action by the university is frustrating, it's still positive that the historic building is at least standing -- and hopefully, it can still be preserved in some way.

pevely broken window.JPG
Sam Levin
Broken window in what remains at the Pevely Dairy site.

"The demolition [around the building] has not detracted from its significance," he says, adding, "The university knows how to adaptively reuse buildings."

He adds, "The university should do it as a good faith gesture to St. Louis."

Allen notes that the site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and could thus potentially benefit from historical tax credits going forward.

"The citizens of St. Louis expect to see some results," says Vines of

Given the state of rubble that exists on that site now, some say they just want to see any sort of positive development on the site.

As the university continues to purchase land with a seeming lack of plans or financing -- or sensitivity to preservation -- it can negatively impact the larger urban environment of the city, preservation advocates say.

Pevely sign photo fell off.jpeg
Photo by Aimee Levitt
Shot of the historic sign after the "P" fell off in the fall.

"The problem is this constant gradual erosion of the existing infrastructure and the squandering of opportunities," says Weil of the Landmarks Association.

Richard Callow, the chair of the city's preservation board, says, "As long as they don't have a plan, that historic building remains there."

Continue for more photos of the site and for the full SLU document.

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