Pevely Dairy Site: After Long Fight, Why Doesn't Saint Louis University Have a Plan? (PHOTOS)

Pevely Dairy Complex 19.JPG

Pevely Dairy Complex 20.JPG

Pevely Dairy Complex 21.JPG

Pevely Dairy Complex 22.JPG

Pevely Dairy Complex 23.JPG

Pevely Dairy Complex 24.JPG

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Rande Hackmann
Rande Hackmann

Got to love this quote "no plans have been finalized with regard to the exact location of the building,who will occupy it, or how it might be financed. Nonetheless, this initiative remains very important to the future of SLU" Don't know anything about this, but we have to have it. Seems like SLU runs their business like Nikki Minaj dresses herself. With complete lack of foresight.

Matt Limestall
Matt Limestall

They don't have a plan because Biondi is a power hungry narcissist.

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