Photos: Rainbows In St. Louis This Morning, Commuters Snap Shots From Their Cars

Rainbow 250.jpg
via early131
Rainbows! Big photos below.
Nothing brightens a depressing morning commute better than a nice big rainbow in the St. Louis skyline. And a quick glance at social media shows that many excited drivers have been snapping photos from their cars.

(Public service announcement: Just like texting and driving, iPhone photography while driving is also not the best idea! Public admission: Daily RFT got one from the driver's seat today, too. Our terrible shot is below, along with the products of much more talented multitaskers).

In case you missed it, or want to relive the joy that was seeing a rainbow on your way to work, we've collected some of the best ones for you.

rainbow levin image.jpg
Sam Levin, driver / photographer
Submission from yours truly

rainbow cate0721 4.jpg
via cate0721

rainbow 10.jpg
via Twitter

rainbow 11.jpg
via Twitter

Continue for more rainbows.

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