Phyllis Schlafly Says Violence Against Women Act Promotes Divorce And Hatred of Men

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Meanwhile, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is urging Congress to reauthorize VAWA, with a letter saying the act "put in place a legal framework that better enabled states like Missouri to effectively investigate violent crimes against women, prosecute and punish offenders, and protect victims from further harm."

In a news release sent out this afternoon, Koster notes that in 2011, there were over 40,000 incidents of domestic violence reported in Missouri.

And that year, his office says, 30 women were killed by their husbands or boyfriends. Women in the state reported more than 1,400 forcible rapes or attempted forcible rapes. And while 10,000 women in need were able to find a place at a shelter, nearly 20,000 more were turned away.

Here's his full letter.

Letter in Support of VAWA Reauthorization

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ol Phyliss is the perfect example of why republicans are going extinct.


Why do people keep allowing this kook to keep speaking, someone should have taken the microphone away from her a LONG time ago.

smdrpepper topcommenter

So I suppose she thinks its okay if a guy hits his wife or girlfriend?  Damn these people keep digging that hole deeper.

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