Prank Jury Duty Calls in St. Louis County Tell Gullible People They Could Go To Jail

After quick investigation, officials traced it to the 704-number, which is a North Carolina area code.

"It turns out it's a hoax," he says.

Fox says that there have been similar complaints in Philadelphia in Georgia. Officials, he says, discussed the matter with county police, but determined that because there wasn't any particular crimes committed -- money stolen or identity theft, for example -- there was not much they could do.

So Fox talked to the press about it to spread the word and warn other potential victims.

He says it's not too big of a concern, since they've only heard from those three individuals so far -- and it's not clear how or why they were targeted or if anyone is actually specifically pranking people in the county.

"When I first heard about it, I thought it might be a scam...trying to get people to put credit card information online.... That's what really bothered me," he says. But, after investigating, he learned, "This is somebody's idea of a stupid of a stupid joke."

Here's a FOX 2 segment on the prank call.

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