PrideFest Move to Downtown Like "Watching Your Kid Grow Up," Says Aldermen Candidate

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For her part, Florida tells Daily RFT that she too feels it's a bittersweet move (and even coincidentally uses the same analogy of a child growing up).

"We on some level feel it's a neighborhood event...but recognize that it's really the pride parade," Florida says. "We've served as a long-time incubator. It hurts to have the move, emotionally it hurts. We care so much and love it so much and support it so much."

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Jennifer Florida

She says that supporting the LGBT community is not just a neighborhood responsibility.

Florida also says she learned about the move in the newspaper just like most others.

"It's so easy to be critical...and rush to judgment when I wasn't part of that decision making," she adds. "That's not my role and responsibility.... I'm there to assist them."

Practically, she adds of the Pride officials, "I wouldn't be their priority in their decision making."

She says she had heard rumblings of a potential move downtown two years ago, but nothing close to concrete until the official announcement was made at the end of last year.

"I honestly...think it's just growing pains," she says, noting that regardless of the reasons, "It does kind of hurt."

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For everyone interested in keeping the Pride tradition in Tower Grove and South Grand there is a large group that has formed to do so:

 We're going to be renting out the two biggest pavilions in the park. Having music, vendors, and such. We're also working with businesses on South Grand to have indoor and outdoor events up and down the street.

Carolyn Burke
Carolyn Burke

In 2012 I had to walk and walk and walk. Although there was a shuttle, it was always full. More parking options downtown and Metro Link - yeah!!

Michael Mahler
Michael Mahler

Tower Grove is beautiful, but at too high a price. Downtown will allow for more visibility and be much more accessible to more people than just those in the Grand Blvd. area.

Kelli C Raven
Kelli C Raven

I didn't know this move was happening! Gotta say, sounds good to me! Tower Grove is definitely pretty, but downtown will be more accessible and visible!

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