Right-to-Work: Missouri Unions Push Back Against GOP Rep. Eric Burlison's Labor Bill

If workers don't join unions now, they still have to pay fees for the basic services the organizations provide. "We think it's very, very fair," Kiser says.

If those fees are removed, unions would suffer and would have to absorb those costs. That impacts everything from arbitration in a grievance case to collective bargaining, he says.

"This is politics as usual -- this is not about creating jobs," Kiser adds.

The hearing is today at 8 a.m. in House Hearing Room 3.

Here's a full draft of the bill.

House Bill 77

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Missouri will be a much better place with a right to work law in place. Of course the thug unions are outraged and scared! If the bill passes it will be a death blow to their intimidation of non union members and the blatant graft and  corruption the union bosses are notorious for.  The law WILL pass.

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