Saint Louis University: More Faculty Protest As Theology Dept. Chair Jay Hammond Resigns

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Secondly, Hammond says in his explanation that he has not encountered any fellow chairs who have confidence in Biondi.


Third, a handful of SLU Jesuits have been my trusted companions as I have discerned my difficult decision. They tried kept me honest with myself, and I appreciate their counsel. However, their private comments were also the most troubling for me. They used words like, embarrassing, evil, sinful, arrogant, bully, and subverting SLU's mission to describe Fr. Biondi's style of leadership.

Additionally, Daily RFT received a copy of a short Dept. of Theological Studies tenured faculty response that says they voted unanimously not to fill the office of departmental chair -- in support of Hammond and his reasons for resigning.

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They say that essential paperwork will be handled by the existing associate chair, James Ginther, and faculty who will assist him -- to ensure student and faculty needs can be addressed.

We left messages with university officials this morning and will update if we hear back.

Here's the official letter of resignation with Hammond's full explanation.

Hammond's Explanation of Resignation

Here's the tenured faculty response.

Response of Department of Theological Studies Tenured Faculty

And here's last year's no-confidence report.

Slu Report on Biondi

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