School Violence Training: St. Louis Police Urge Better Reporting Systems for Warning Signs

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For the business safety training, he also helps explain legal obligations and the basics of possible litigation tied to workplace violence.

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Chief Sam Dotson in College Hill

He says that offering this kind of training has been a priority of the department's new Police Chief Sam Dotson, who has been vocal about the importance of gun control.

He says that around 150 have already signed up for the workplace training and about a hundred for the school seminar.

"There's absolutely interest in this," he says.

Here's a full alert about the trainings.

Workplace School Violence Training

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Firstly, gun control advocates are also butting heads with pro-gun supporters of all kinds throughout MO.  Missourians are some of the most pro-gun people in the country and we don't need the help of our legislators to expose the ignorance of antigunners.  Second I applaud school violence training by the SLPD.  It's time to start having a practical ccnversation about what works and that ACTUALLY keeps people safe before and during a crisis instead of object-demonization after the disaster happens.  Time and again we see that vigilance and a zero-tolerance policy on violent and terroristic threats ( and odd behaviour ( results in lives saved.  St. Louis County Chief Tim Fitch suggested that having armed personnel in schools was a practical method of stopping or delaying a shooter.  This also needs to be a consideration in school and work safety.  Criminals and maniacs go for easy targets, we need to make our schools and workplaces harder to breach and attack with impunity.

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