Sisters For Slay: Jamilah Nasheed Rallies Support For Mayor Francis Slay's Reelection Bid

Nasheed says that it's all political nonsense when those who oppose Slay argue that he is a dividing force in the city.

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Slay Campaign
Francis Slay at Sisters for Slay event.

The Sisters for Slay event sparked some backlash with a St. Louis American column criticizing Nasheed and calling the mayor "desperate for a hook to get into the African-American community."

"You have provocateurs...that want to continue the racial divide...but we are gonna move this city forward," says Nasheed. "Race relations is and issue that came before Slay and I."

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Slay Campaign
Sisters for Slay

Of the Sisters for Slay event, she says, "It was all women...and the majority were African American professionals, women that live and work in the city."

She adds, "I'm very confident that the mayor is going to make history."

Here's an invitation for the latest Sisters for Slay event.

Sisters for Slay invitation.jpg
Slay Campaign

And a Tweet of support:

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