Smoking Ban in St. Louis County: What Kinds of Businesses Should Be Exempt?

Exempt all "non-public" establishments, as defined in Missouri
Under this proposal, all "non-public" businesses could permit smoking if they choose, which would include bowling alleys, pool halls, bars, cigar shops, taverns and restaurants with fewer than fifty seats.

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Square-footage requirement
Since some have argued that small bars are unnecessarily burdened by smoking bans, officials are considering a proposal to allow exemptions for businesses under a specified square footage. O'Mara has implied that this is something that he is exploring, in response to the concerns he has heard from bar owners.

The problem, however, is that it can become unfair to have an arbitrary cutoff point.

"If you literally want to protect the small places," Hannegan tells us, "that's one way to do it."

Here's the full proposal.

Bill No. 8, 2013

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