St. Louis Archdiocese Fight Against Contraception: Mandate Lawsuit Dismissed

Here's the statement in full from the St. Louis Archdiocese:

The Archdiocese of St. Louis and Catholic Charities of St. Louis have learned that our lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the federal HHS Contraceptive Mandate was dismissed in court on January 29th due to the lack of finality of the Government's regulations concerning the Mandate. Accordingly, the court held that it does not have subject matter jurisdiction at this point. This is not in any way a ruling on the merits of our argument, rather it is an opinion that to litigate this issue when the regulations are not in final form would be fruitless. The Court's ruling demonstrates the Government's ill conceived issuance of regulations before they are final.

We maintain that no citizen should be forced to pay for or provide products or services they find morally objectionable, including sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs. We will continue to demand that the conscience rights of every citizen are protected. We encourage Catholics and people of all faith to pray for religious liberty in our state and in our nation.

And here's the court decision.

Archdiocese of St. Louis v. Kathleen Sebelius

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The church has every right to take a stand against laws that violate and force it's people to do something they oppose.  No one is forcing you to do anything.  Whether or not you or anyone else chooses to use contraceptives is beside the point.  Businesses should not HAVE to pay for something they find morally offensive like the abortion pill.  It is about religious freedom, yours too!


100 years ago there was no rules against this. So this is just made up stuff by a group of old white men who flounce around in skirts and funny hats. This is about keeping women subjugated and in their place. They need to worry about making amends to humanity for their members dirty deeds with little boys and their covering it up. Keep your crazy ideas to yourself and in your own churches. You can fool them but not most of the rest of thinking people in the US.

Mike Schwab
Mike Schwab

Just the employees who are not required to abstain from sex or marriage. About 97% of Catholic church attendees use contraceptives.

Christopher Etc
Christopher Etc

The catholic higher-ups are all hypocrisy. Perhaps they need to spend some time below the stratosphere of theory + practice a more JC-centric means of being.

Daniel Benedict
Daniel Benedict

The "church" needs to keep their nose out of such matters.

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