St. Louis City-County Announcement: Our Guesses For The Big Development Plan

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2. Name A Bunch of Things After Stan Musial

Stan Statue.jpeg
Sam Levin
While politicians lobby to name a bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois after the greatest Cardinal that ever lived, why not do this on a more local level and join the city and county through a name that unites us all. We could just rename a street that connects the city and county and put up some commemorations to the late, great Musial and encourage people to visit, walk across the border, and honor our favorite baseball player. (You could call it: The Stan the Man Economic Plan. Catchy, no?)

1. City-County Beer Pong Tournament

beer pong image.jpg
Instead of trying to force everyone to get along, why not just embrace city, county tensions and formalize a competitive rivalry through a tournament. What better competition then beer pong? Slay could go up against Dooley, the teams could get corporate sponsorships, winners could get important things like better tax breaks, etc. It'd be one of those win-win-win political deals.

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Sarah Beck
Sarah Beck

how does obama push race separation?

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

Kiss your county property values goodbye!

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

saint louis needs a music festival just like austin's sxsw. gotta get those tourism dollars.

CJ Seals
CJ Seals

Dooley is an Idiot..........and will push race separation just like Obama.

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