St. Louis Homicide No. 18: Charles Campbell, 33, Found Dead On MetroLink Platform

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More gun violence claiming lives in the city of St. Louis this week -- with the eighteenth homicide of the year uncovered late last night on a MetroLink platform. The death of Charles Campbell, 33, comes one day after a 46-year-old man died at a gas station after he was shot in the abdomen and only a few days after the Mardi Gras festivities turned violent, prompting police officers to shoot and kill Otis Roberson, 32.

What happened to Campbell?

Police report that MetroLink Security reported that there shots fired on the platform at 2nd Street and Washington, the Laclede's Landing station.

When officers arrived, Campbell was lying on the platform with gunshot wounds to the chest and the groin. There wasn't even enough time to rush him to a hospital; he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Google Maps MetroLink.jpg
via Google Maps
Scene of the crime last night.

The investigation is ongoing and police say there are no suspects at this time.

Campbell was a 33-year-old black male, who lived on North 25th Street in East St. Louis.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

Saint Louisians always have wanted to be Chicagoans. Congratulations. We are on the path to being a true murderous city once again.

egolterman topcommenter

One of the news stations reported 'something like  this cannot be prevented'. Followed by 'well we staff up for Cardinals games'.  This means that no one else is worth protecting, no one else who travels METRO into or from Downtown. Just Cardinals fans? How sick is that.

JamesMadison topcommenter

@egolterman , the city officials only want the money flow into the city. They do not care about the "lesser people" who live and work here.

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