Photos: STL Improv Anywhere Gives Handmade Valentine's Day Cards to Strangers

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Love is in the air in St. Louis.
Are you feeling blue this Valentine's Day? Sitting at your desk dreaming of a love note that you probably won't receive? We've got you covered. Daily RFT got in touch this morning with STL Improv Anywhere, which is brightening the days of random folks in St. Louis with some handmade February 14 cheer.

"On the subject of Valentine's Day, people are very passionately divided," Mallory Nezam, founding director of the group, tells Daily RFT. "People tend to take it way too seriously."

So, her group, is taking it very not seriously -- singing to strangers on the street and giving out the quirkiest of quirky cards. We've got the best of them for your below.

"People start to get really upset and get really critical of it and really dismissive," Nezam says of the divisive holiday. "I think it's just a fun opportunity to let people know you care about them.... and we wanted to tell...people we know and people we don't know, that we care."

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All images courtesy of Mallory Nezam with STL Improv Anywhere

The group is running around downtown now, dancing, blowing kisses at strangers, maybe playing some musical instruments and handing out cards, she tells us.

"I think of us as Valentine's Day ninjas," she says.

Without further ado, here are the cards Nezam sent our way. Happy V-Day, St. Louis.

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Continue for more Valentine's Day cards.

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