Sue Gibson, HIV Patient in Castlewood Case: Other Patients May Have Been Denied Care

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Susan Gibson says she was denied treatment at Castlewood Treatment Center.
The Department of Justice agreed last week that a St. Louis eating disorder clinic discriminated against an HIV-positive woman by intentionally delaying her admittance and denying her treatment. Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders has been ordered to pay a $140,000 settlement, the second largest in the history of HIV-related discrimination cases.

The patient, Susan Gibson, a retired nurse living in mid-Missouri, spoke to Daily RFT about her health during the seven months of waiting to hear from the facility and her fear that other patients may have been discriminated against.

"It angers me they would treat people like that and for such a stupid reason," she says.

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Gibson characterizes herself as the "classic anorexic preteen." She relapsed in her 30s and got herself into therapy. In 1989, she says she found out that she was HIV-positive. Living with the disease was a factor in her second relapse, she says, this one in 2010.

"Living with a chronic disease -- that is hard to deal with. I resorted to old coping mechanisms," she says.

Realizing she needed help, Gibson says she contacted Castlewood because it was closest to her home. She says she was told for months that her admittance was "imminent," but that there was an issue with payment and her insurance adjuster. The adjuster, however, told Gibson that she'd already approved payment. Castlewood staff continued to encourage Gibson to seek treatment elsewhere.

In the meantime, Gibson's health was deteriorating. At her worst, she says was limiting herself to fruit and bread, nothing cooked.

"I was not leaving the house very much," she recalls. "My anxiety and depression were heightened. I was under doctor's order not to walk more than a block [because of the risk of a heart attack]."

After months in limbo, Gibson says her first sign that something was amiss was a comment she heard while on a call with Castlewood staff.

"The intake person said one day, 'You know, Sue, I don't know why I didn't realize it, but we didn't admit a woman with hepatitis C last year. That makes me realize that you're not going to get in,'" Gibson recalls.

That moment stuck out in her mind when, seven months after her initial contact with Castlewood, she was told that she would not be admitted "due to her HIV" and because the facility does not "accept clients with high risk communicable diseases."

A friend put her in touch with the American Civil Liberties Union. After Castlewood offered Gibson treatment so long as she got her blood work done offsite, her attorneys filed a formal complaint with the Department of Justice.

Continue for more of our interview with Sue Gibson and response from Castlewood.

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The Castle continues to crumble...

Sue Gibson is a brave soul to stand up for her rights!! This is just another example of the rotten business practices at Castlewood Treatment Center, under the direction of Nancy Albus and Mark Schwartz.

Folks who have been mistreated in one way or another by Castlewood are banding together to support each other and to consider ways we can promote justice.  If you or someone you love has been wronged by Mark Schwartz or any of his Castlewood minions...join us at Castlewood Victims Unite on Facebook.




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