Video: St. Louis Alderman Antonio French Records Man Repeatedly Stealing Yard Signs

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Local race gets physical. Full video below.
This is one way to attack the enemy.

Opponents of Antonio French, Alderman of the 21st Ward of St. Louis, are allegedly stealing his yard signs, because we all know that will, um, make a huge difference in local elections?

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And in a refreshing break from the he-said-she-said of St. Louis' election season, there is hard proof in this case that somebody is stealing French's signs. The alderman's nicely edited video is below.

Here's the short footage French posted on Thursday, which clearly shows a man walking onto a yard and stealing his signs and those for Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed, a mayoral candidate.

"It's just petty. It's silly. Yard signs don't vote," French tells Daily RFT. "All it does is probably have the opposite effect: It fires up our base. Constituents call me mad as heck. Seniors are calling me asking for more signs, saying, 'I'm gonna tie them to my fence!'"

French claims that a total of around sixty to seventy-five of his small yard signs have been stolen and that nineteen larger ones have also gone missing or neen defaced. Each of those, he says, costs around $50-60.

"We just order more signs," he says. "It's an annoyance more than anything else."

French says he got the video off of a security camera and that a man stealing his signs was eventually caught in broad day light.

"Several people called 911 and called me too," he says.

His video includes photos he himself took of the individual being arrested, including this one.

Sign thief photo Alderman French.jpg
via YouTube

KSDK says that a man named George Treadway was arrested in connection to the thefts and charged with Class 4 election offenses. The channel also reports that the sign-stealing has sparked a war of words between the Lewis Reed and Francis Slay campaigns.

Democracy, y'all.

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I never understood this yard sign theft.  The person at the house with the sign is already voting and no one rides down the street and decide by looking at a sign,,well maybe a few first timers but not enough to change anything.  Look at the low number of votes in those wards after the election and you can see that the incumbent already has his votes, sign or not.

Richard Griffin
Richard Griffin

Ive never understood any of this 1) Do yard signs actually sway anyone to vote? 2) assuming they dont, why would you waste your time looking like an idiot swiping them?

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