Video: Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course May Come To Creve Coeur Park

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The Beacon reports that the proposal has brought out some birdwatchers concerned that the obstacle course could get in the way of birdwatching.

Ott says that Go Ape has a reputation for being very sensitive to the existing environment. "They enhance the wildlife that is already there."

And he says that this park as proposed would take up about one acre on the ground of a 2,114-acre park (though the treetop portion of the adventure course may take up closer to seven acres).

"This would be great for St. Louis...and for the citizens of the county and the metro area," says Ott.

Here's a presentation from Go Ape and more photos below.

Go Ape Introduction

Continue for more photos.

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GoApe was withdrawn from consideration for Greensfelder after public forums raised too many objections.  This time it was just put on the STL county council agenda for Creve Coeur park instead, with no public notice at all.  Multiple objections: environmental impact in a tree canopy where MDC-listed 'imperiled bird species' have been reported, and no impact study has been done; traffic/noise; not consistent with the existing Creve Coeur Park Master Plan; a for-profit business making it's money in a public park.  

I enjoy this type of 'adventure' myself, but we at least need a chance for the public to have input into how our parks are being used.  

Let's lobby for public forums:  

Council member Burkett's email:; 

Phone: (314) 615-5451 (Executive Assistant: Loraine Miller)

Kerry Ann Colombo
Kerry Ann Colombo

If the contract were iron clad, so that the park maintained all the rights in case it didnt work out, I am all for it! The parks could use the revenue and im sure the profit from the boat races went into someone's pockets over the years? Sounds like a great idea!

Matt Grummer
Matt Grummer

I am very much opposed to private company being able to use a St Louis County park to operate a for profit business.

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