Voter ID Bill Heads to House Floor: Missouri's Most Partisan, Divisive Legislation?

Opponents argue that voter ID unfairly burdens lawful voters, some who have been voting for decades but don't have a driver's license -- because they don't drive. And voter ID bills across the country have been slammed as right-wing ploys to suppress the votes of those who tend to vote for Democrats.

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Cox scoffs at the idea -- which he says has heard over the last month from opponents -- that the bill is racist. The legislation, he says, "is designed to protect white and black voters alike from disenfranchisement through cheating."

And it has nothing to do with the election off the president, he adds.

"I filed this bill before Barack Obama was even president," Cox says.

On both sides, there are questions about the price tag of implementing such a policy -- given that the bill includes provisions to help legal voters get IDs if they don't have them.

Representative Sue Entlicher, a Republican and chair of the House Elections Committee, says she will probably vote in favor of voter ID requirements, given her experience as a county clerk.

"It's...been in the news for years and years and there's good arguments on both sides," she says, noting that there are problems in the system and possible legislative fixes that could help prevent improper votes.

But, she adds, "It's costly. It's another job for somebody to take care of.... It just depends on what we [want] pay for."

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Angela Poeling
Angela Poeling

Are any of you Election judges? I am. A voter ID card mailed to your house in the state of Missouri is enough ID. If the card isn't presented then the next ID people present is their license. Ask ANY ELECTION JUDGE ('cause a smart person would go ask a judge instead of listening to the GOP talkin' heads) how hard it is for someone to vote that doesn't have proper ID; it ain't happening. Each polling place has an equal amount of both Dem. & Rep. judges and each voter is checked in by BOTH parties to keep it on the upandup. To say that there is rampant fraud is to insult us, the judges; the ones that sit there all day long, underpaid and overworked so that each person has the right to vote. If someone slipped by us (which does not happen) then it's on US! So :P to those that think you know what the heck you're talkin' 'bout.

Philip Rock
Philip Rock

seriously barry, you just posted a conservative website freaking out that conservative constituencies that are in the middle of no where and probably haven't updated shit in a long time are going conservative.

Bradley Hardin
Bradley Hardin

Barry, did you ever consider that the voter rolls haven't been purged in awhile. Did more people vote then resided in the counties? I'm positive it's no. Those are GOP strongholds yet the article blames the Dems, logic would say in a GOP dominated county it would be GOP fraud. But the math skills of the right are lacking so the entire thing is crap.

Philip Rock
Philip Rock

as long as it's not state ID i'm fine with the idea. everyone has some form of photo ID whether or not they drive but to say it has to be state issued is a load of crap. And joe. there was 1 case of attempted voter fraud this past election and it was a republican woman trying to prove how easy it was to commit voter fraud. turn your TV and alex jones off some time. If he had lost all 59 divisions of Philadelphia we would know. And honestly it wouldn't be too surprising seeing as Philly is a pretty liberal city believe it or not.

Bradley Hardin
Bradley Hardin

Is the state going to pay for the ids, the documents required to get it, ie: birth certificates, and the transportation back and forth to get all the necessary documents and id? If not then no. Joe, that's a myth, that never happened. There's been only a couple dozen cases of unregistered people voting nationally and most of those thought they were registered (most likely purged from the rolls). And if something like that were to happen that would be electoral fraud, not voter fraud. Ids can't prevent electoral fraud.

Joe Harman
Joe Harman

It's time, we have to combat the voter fraud that is happening... 59 voting divisions of Philadelphia, Romney received zero votes in every division. That would be statistically impossible for that to happen.

Patrick Gonzales
Patrick Gonzales

Federal courts will strike it down when it passes over Nixon's veto. Hopefully...

smdrpepper topcommenter

With all these disenfranchising voter bills out there, the people proposing them need to do one big thing.  Actually show and prove that voter fraud is actually happening.  The only case I know from the last election was republicans throwing out democrat voter registration and that happened mostly in Florida.  

The fact is, voter fraud is a red herring that the republicans are using to further their gerrymandering and vote rigging.

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