Happy Valentine's, Wells Fargo! Missouri Activists Deliver "You Are Racist" Cards

Here's the full letter, addressed to CEO Danny Ludeman.

Dear Wells Fargo,

We have been dating for 150 years and I think it's time that we had a serious talk. We are breaking up with you.

We would like to say that we had our good times but the truth is this has always been a one sided relationship with all of the benefits going to you.

We know that you will want an explanation as to why we are leaving you and we guess we owe you that much so here goes....

-You are racist. Memos that were leaked from you show that you targeted low income African Americans for predatory loans that you referred to as "ghetto loans" for "mud people".

-We can't be in a relationship with someone who is abusive to members of my family. You have kicked our brothers and sisters out of their homes and show no signs of a willingness to correct your behavior.

-You have subverted my government. Your money and your power are now too deeply rooted in the politically system for us to feel comfortable staying with you. We need to know that our vote means something and that elected officials are beholden to you and not to you and your corporate friends.

-You are dishonest. From robo-signing to a lack of good faith estimates, to the outright stealing of the American Dream from decent hard working homeowners you have shown yourself to be a liar and a thief.

-The $900,000 that you diverted from St. Louis Public School funding has broken my heart.

Maybe somewhere deep down you are still a good person but you need to do a lot of work on yourself and the way that you approach the world and community before we can ever reconsider getting back together with you.

With Deep Regret That We Stayed With You This Long,

The Citizens Of St. Louis MO.

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